A beautiful hike in the Buckskin Wash, starting at the HRVR.


The Brain Rocks and in the background the Wave area


And then we continue through Buckskin Gulch to Wire Pass - a particularly exciting part

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Shot with the Kodak 360°. The camera has been lying on the floor.


Here you can see the whole way to the Wave
on the right the overgrown sand hill, then over the rocky ridge,
through the teepees, through the valley, then up to the Wave
on the left below the bright massif.




The track
for this hike

A beautiful hike in the Buckskin Wash,
which starts at the House Rock Valley Road!
Length of the hike about 7 mi and a good 600 ft of altitude.

Coming from Page take the 89 towards Kanab and after 30 min turn left onto the HRVR,
after about 4 mi you pass the Buckskin Wash.
Immediately after that you will see the toilet house at the trailhead on the left in 100m distance.
From there follow the wash downhill.
After 20 min. you pass a rock narrows.
After another 30 min turn left into a wide, sandy wash.
After another 5 min. you climb up the drywash on the right side and are immediately
in the narrower area of the Secrets.
After that you continue south on the Brain Rocks on the left slope,
towards the Wave - until the end of the Brain Rocks.
There one descends to the right over the imposing wavy rocks to the
Buckskin Wash, which you follow uphill to the trailhead.
Good photos can be taken only between 7 and max. 10 o'clock in the morning.


Trailhead:  N37°04'00.3" - W112°00'02.5"
Rock Entrance:  N37°03'42.2" - W111°59'35.2"
Branch off to the left into the wide, sandy wash: N37°02'53.1" - W111°59'50.0"
Drywash to the upper right:  N37°02'53.2" - W111°59'36.6"
Secrets 1: N37°02'41,6" - W111°59'34,2"
Pool: N37°02'28,8" - W111°59'47,6"
Main Secrets A right on the mountain: N37°02'32,8" - W111°59'46,4"
Main Secrets B on the right side of the mountain: N37°02'34,4" - W111°59'45,8"
End of Brain Rocks: N37°02'05.9" - W111°59'48.8"
Downhill via: N37°02'00.8" - W111°59'57.7"
Reaching the Wash at: N37°01'58.4" - W112°00'05.1"
Then jauntily headed back north - up the Wash.

A Nice variation:

from the Edmairs Secrets do not go back up the wash, but downhill to the fork
the Buckskin Gulch/Wirepass Wash at N37°01'11, "0 - W111°00'09,7"
There right through the slot canyon and continue in the Wirepass Wash to the Wave trailhead at the HRVR.
From there let friendly people take you back
to your own car at the Buckskin Wash trailhead.
Distance Edmairs Secrets ---> Wave trailhead is about 4.5 km.
Note on this:
in the slot canyon after the turnoff there is a good 2m high rock ledge,
which is difficult to climb. If you can't make it, go back 80m and take the bypass 1:
right (south) out onto a drywash and in a larger arc to the main wash,
which you then follow to the left to the wave trailhead.
Here is the GPS data:
Exit from the slot canyon: N37°01'10.1" - W112°00'17.6"
approx. middle of the detour arc: N37°01'06,0" - W112°00'25,0"
Top of the Rock: N37°01'06,0" - W112°00'35,4"
Re-entry into the main wash: N37°01'14,8" - W112°00'38,1"

It happens that in Buckskin Gulch between Edmairs and the junction larger
water and mud holes. Who does not like to go through there
climb up a side canyon at N37°01'39.2" - W112°00'13.1" on the right.
The climb from Buckskin into this side canyon is 2m steep.
There is a cairn there for ease, or one needs to be piled up.
This side canyon is about 200m long, then you climb out to the right over a steep sandy slope
and hike on the bypass 2 over the hill to the main wash,
to about the same place where bypass 1 enters opposite,
i.e. at N37°01'14.8" - W112°00'38.1"


Update:  01.09.2020


The track
to this hike
via Edmairs Secrets
to the Wave
parking lot